Top 10 Reasons why YOU should come to ACEs Conf 2016

Still thinking about registering for ACEs Conf? Do it now and save $50 before you miss early bird pricing which ends April 1st.

Need more reasons to register? How about 10 reasons.
Here’s our top ten reasons why you should attend the ACEs Conf this year.
10 reasons for aces cons

  1. aces conf peter shankmanUnderstand the real meaning behind customer service thanks to Peter Shankman. He knows what he’s talking about – just ask Mortons Steakhouse.
  2. Figured out how to run a solid MSP practice? Don’t blow it? Hear from Brian Best on How to utterly destroy that business.
  3. Keep those customers happy thanks to advice from Michael Manning, and Amy McKnight.
  4. Pack accordingly and be prepared for Austin and IT issues as told by Shelley Watson.
  5. That one golden nugget of information or action item you can put into practice RIGHT NOW.
  6. Meet and speak with all the sponsors during lunch.
  7. Know before it’s too late™ and learn about Proactive support from Allen Hancock
  8. ALL the speakers, such as Sean Costello, Andy Espo, JD Strong, Charles Edge, and the guys from Cmd-Ctrl-Pwr.
  9. Network with friends and colleagues.
  10. Austin and all it has to offer. Great food, especially Bar-b-que, the music, and let’s just keep Austin weird.

Here’s a bonus number 11 reason – Cmd-Ctrl-Pwr will be doing a special broadcasting of their podcast live from ACEs. So if you ever wanted to get in on the action of being on a live podcast, tell your story and let others in our field know who you are – this is the place to do it!

Still thinking about registering? Why wait!

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