Clone your computer with Bombich’s CCC

Welcome to 2018!

Only 5 more months until ACEs Conference. The sun, the warmth, the water (it’s in Baltimore’s inner harbor, did you think there wasn’t water?)

We wanted to start off the new year by welcoming our newest sponsor: Bombich software and their amazing, I can’t live without it, app, Carbon Copy Cloner,

We are honored to have Bombich be a part of the ACEs Conference family.


If you don’t know what Carbon Copy Cloner is – listen up:

You need this app! It saves your life in IT. You can easily clone any drive, partition or folder with it – saving you time and money with your backups. In Virtua computers, we use it to clone server data on a regular schedule to ensure business continuity.

Early Registration

Early Registration for ACEs Conference 2018 is now in effect. Don’t wait until it’s over. Get your tickets today at $524 before they go up in March to full price of $699!

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