Demystifying your financials – Oh the stories they can tell!

Oh, the stories your financial statements can tell and advance warnings they can give… if you only knew how to read them! QuickBooks gives you a financial picture which is just a summary of past events. It’s not enough detail to help you make operating decisions. In this program, we will give you a more entrepreneurial view which gets into more detail and explains where actions show up on the financials. In plain English, you’ll be able to relate what you do to where it “belongs” in the accounting statements. We will also teach ratio analysis that shows trends and can indicate where there might be concerns to investigate further. With this detail, you can translate your financials into something you can actually use.

We will show you how to interpret your financial statements so that you can make better decisions on

• which products to sell or discontinue

• whether or not to hire someone or buy assets

• how to manage resources

• detect when someone is stealing from you.

Bring your 2016 financials (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement) to use in this program.

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