Stand Out From the Crowd

Get a Proactive Support Professional Certification

Add Proactive Support Professional Certification to your Profile at ACEs Conference

ACEs Conference is where forward thinking IT Professionals come to hone their business operations, and the PSP certification is how they learn the methods of Proactive Support and show their dedication to preventing issues. Come early to ACEs and become a certified Proactive Support Professional.

Benefits of Attending the Certification Course

  • Opportunity to learn about and discuss Proactive Support best practices
  • Listing on the PSP Website
  • High-quality logo for use on your web site, promotional materials, and business cards

The certification course will cover the Proactive Support Professional methodology. The steps you can take in your proactive support offering. The multifaceted aspects your organization should be taking for proper disaster planning. And, how to position proactive support with your clients and customers.

By participating in PSP, you will:

  • Have your landing page where you can promote success stories you’ve had with your customers
  • Get listed on our Proactive Professional Locator
  • Read how others have marketed and promoted their services
  • Help support the proactive mindset with customers
  • Have a destination to show your clients the benefits of Proactive Support