Publish or Perish: Content Marketing for Consultants

Consulting is about relationships, and in today’s world, that means email, blogs, and social media. But building a channel is easy — the hard part is the constant communication with current and potential clients. For that, you need content that people want to read, not just self-promotional pieces or calls to action. The solution is content marketing or publishing small amounts of high-quality content that your clients will find useful. Content marketing is effective because readers are open to receiving and reading what you write, which strengthens their relationship with you. Reading an article on your blog might cause a potential customer to reach out for help for the first time, or remind an existing client that they need to contact you for a solution to a nagging problem. As they say, “out of sight, out of mind.” Content marketing keeps you visible.

In this talk, Adam Engst will draw on his decades of publishing work and experience with the TidBITS Content Network service to outline the utility of content marketing in today’s consulting market and then lay out a three-pronged content marketing strategy. He’ll discuss the utility and challenges of different publishing channels, ideal content length as it relates to those channels, and best practices for publishing frequency across the channels. And since everyone’s situation varies, there will be time for questions at the end of the session and throughout the rest of the conference.

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