Top 10 things about Austin – Guest Post by Michael Manning

Speaker Michael Manning has graced us with her top 10 things about Austin. As an Austinite, we think she nailed this right on the head! Without further ado, Michael’s list:

1) The Tacos. You can get them anywhere. My personal favorites are the Carne Guisada at El Chilito and the Fried Avocado at Torchy’s.
2) The culture. Austin is pretty laid back and friendly. Just bring your friendliness in return and you’ll fit right in.
3) There are dogs everywhere. Seriously, I hope you love dogs because Austin promotes a pet-friendly culture, we even have three at our office.
4) The street art. It’s hidden in some interesting places, but this is my new favorite:
austin street art

5) The History. Everywhere you go there is something you’ll find that marks a little bit of Texan history whether it’s the Stevie Ray Vaughn Statue on Town Lake or any of the historic residential districts with homes built as early as the 1850’s, there’s a bit of history everywhere.
6) The Activity. Austinites are an active bunch, you’ll see cyclists and runners everywhere in the city. Downtown is a very active and walkable area and with the current construction plans, they’re making more room for pedestrian activity.
7) The Bat-Bridge. Even if you’re afraid of bats, the sight is phenomenal. Park yourself on Congress bridge at dusk and watch as 1.5 million bats wake up and take over the evening sky.
8) The sky-line. It’s changing due to the rapid growth here, but it’s still pretty gorgeous.
9) You’ll never have to wander too far for a good cup of coffee or beer. If you want both? Make a stop at Easy Tiger and pair your beverage with a pretzel & beer cheese.
10) The Alamo Drafthouse. Want dinner and a movie? Who says you can’t do it at the same time. Owner & CEO Tim League created a place out of the desire to share his love of cinema with the world, plus it’s the only place you’ll get kicked out for talking, texting or being disruptive during a movie!

Thanks Michael!

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