May is Aces Month!
We’re looking for experts who are comfortable presenting to roughly 100 attendees, who can be engaging over Zoom, and who enjoy imparting real-world wisdom that will help small businesses thrive.

Most importantly, we’re trying to propel attendees out of emergency/pandemic mode and encourage them to think longer-term about their businesses. What should they be planning for the remainder of this year? For next year? What about 5 or 10 years down the road? And finally, what is their exit plan?

Our attendees are primarily IT business owners—consultants, managed service providers, and the like—so we’re looking for knowledgeable speakers who focus on business topics outside the tech world. Some of the areas that we’d love to learn more about include:

  • Financial planning (management accounting, retirement planning)
  • Human resources (hiring and management)
  • Work/life balance for the self-employed
  • Marketing, PR, and branding
  • Business security (best practices outside the tech perspective)
  • Something else? Make us a proposal!

Would you be interested in joining our roster of speakers? Or, do you know someone else who might want to participate?

Speakers will receive complimentary admission to the conference, including the informal breakout sessions, so it can be a good networking/marketing opportunity as well.

Now the fine print:

We’re looking for a broad cross-section of speakers with gender, age, and geographic diversity. All proposals will be peer-reviewed by the ACES Conference board of directors for optimal fit with the theme of the conference and we’ll notify you of our decision as soon as possible.
The submission of a proposal form does not guarantee a speaking slot on the program, nor does it create a legally binding relationship between the presenter and the ACES Conference. Presentations will be filmed and broadcast during the event and published online by the ACES Conference afterward—by submitting a proposal, you agree for your presentation to be filmed and published in this way.